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Rope light is mature finished products in Christmas decoration market and is widely used by the different domain, it has a variety uses. We provide commercial grade LED rope lighs and special LED light swimming pool rope light.

Rope lighting can come with Incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs. LED are more commonly used because of their flexibility of uses and longevity. A wide range of voltage for your choice, either 120/220vAC input or 12/24vDC input. They come in a variety of single colors and multi-colors(RYGB).

Diameter: Regular size come in ½’’ (ø13mm) diameter or ⅜’’(ø10mm) diameter tubes.

LED array: There is only two arrangement, horizon type, and vertical type.

Bulb QTY: Cuttable rope light typically come in 24LEDs/M, 30LEDs/M or 36LEDs/M.

Cutting mark: Every 1 meter has a cutting mark.

Applications: They are suitable mainly for decorative applications or very low light level accent lighting. Due to their 360 degree viewing angles, they can be used to easily wrap around objects like trees or be bent into shapes and letters.

The structure of LED rope light is simple, three main parts: LED bulb, copper wire and PVC. Clear LED rope light is the most traditional and the most usages in rope light. But here, we would like to share with you our colored-PVC and RWB LED rope light with you.

Colored-PVC: The colored-PVC LED rope light has the same high-quality gloss, UV and weather resistance as the CLEAR PVC rope lights, but in beautiful bold colors jackets. The LED color is the same as the PVC color, make you easy to choose the lighting colors.

RWB: RWB means red, white and blue PVC LED rope light. This Signature red, white, and blue rope light features the colors of the American flag for a festive touch to your National day or patriotic event.

We also have solar LED rope light and LED rope light battery operated, details please visit Solar LED rope light and LED rope light battery operated. They are suitbale for CAR LED roep light.

Why are LED rope lights popular and widely used in the different projects? Because it is an easy way to introduce creativity and color into your lighting designs. Their structure provides for strength and durability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they are UV LED rope light.We provide complete accessories for your customized projects.

Power Cord &Power Connector: For connecting rope light to the power source. Cords and plugs complying with different safety standards are available.

End Cap: In a segment of rope light, one end is the power cord, the other end must be covered with an End Cap to prevent the user from touching the copper wires carrying electricity.

Mounting Clip: Nailed on wood/stone/concrete surface, or stuck on iron/glass surface, allowing rope light to be easily snapped in.

Central Connector: For connecting 2 pieces of rope light in a cross-section, made of clear PVC, there are I type, T type, X type and L type for customized the length you need, usually used together with a shrinkable tube to seal the connection.

PVC Glue: User can assemble rope light easily by applying glue on the rope light surface after connecting with the central connector.