Broad Richness has been specialized in holiday lights 
and decoration lights since 1989 in China Mainland, 
but much earlier than 1989 in TaiWan of China,
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 approved, Walmart FCCA Yellow 



Our production line number



Experience of producing holiday lights, more than 20 years



100% of our effort to make thing perfect



Our own factory is about 33000㎡



Total Capacity of Factory Output:12,000,000 sets for 100 ct string lights per year



Our Factory covers an area of 33000㎡

Large,  Beautiful, Professional.

Automatic Machines for String Lights

Efficient, Accurate, Low-costing.

Warehouse for Our Products Large

Storage, Orderly, Safe.

our produetg

     Broad Richness

     Certificates we      In the USA       strong OEM

     has been producing

     have: UL,CUL,TUV,      and Canada        Capabiltity with

     Christmas lights

     GS,BS,SAA,CE      markets for       Professional

     since 1989.

     ROHS,PSE.      more than 20 year       designing team


Globe LED String Lights Rope Lights Motif Lights
String Lights Rope Lights Motif Lights






Globe LED String lights


Our globe string light sets come with glass reflectors,

the brightness of LED makes these glass sets shining and charming.

If you want to pick something unique and novel for your holidays and parties,

our glass light sets could be your right choice.

These patented items could be customized.


       G15 LED String LightG25 LED String LightG40 LED String Light
                                          G15                                                G25                                       G40


C7/C9 Christmas lights


C7/C9 LED string lights are always in customers' lists of tope popular holiday decoration lights. 

Our commercial grade LED C7/9 lights are widely used outdoor decoration projects in the USA and

Europe, albe to stand all kinds of severe weathers. 

3-year warranty available.






Rope light series


Rope light product is an essential element for holiday and daily decoration because of its flexiblity.

Incandescent rope lights give soft light, making you feel gentle and warm,

while LED rope lights give high brightness, making you happy and excited.

Looking for TRUE UL rope lights? Yes, this is the right place.

Cuttable LED Rope Lights UL Listed Sets Rope Lights


                                Christmas MotifsNet LightsMini String Lights




Broad Richness Electric Company Limited  has been producing Christmas

lights since 1989, 

OEM for CTC,Walmart,Christmas Central,Lynx Lite,Shopko,ACE

 Hardware,True Value and so on.