UL Listed Sets


UL listed rope light should be undergoing the strict test by UL laboratory according to Standard, everything should be right in place without compromise. All the UL approved LED rope lights have been whole sets and not allowed to be cut by users. And the whole set lights should come with standard UL label, you could buy different length, but the max connected length should not exceed 150FT.

We specialized 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch diameters LED rope light, option different bulb spacing and length is available. It is flexible in virtually any shape or style.
Bulb spacing: 1", 1.09", 1.1", 1.2", 1.3",1.4", 1.5", 1.6", 1.64", 1.7", 1.8", 1.9", 2", 2.1", 2.2",2.3", 2.4", 2.5", 2.6", 2.7", 2.8", 2.9", 3", 3.1, 3.2", 3.3",3.4", 3.5".
Light length: 10', 12', 15', 18' ,24' , 25', 27', 39', 48', 50' and the max 150'.
UL approved 120V LED rope light must be fireproof, Cold-resistant, UV-resistant.
Every set LED Rope Lights pre-assembled with power cords, clips, and screws so the installation process is even easier.


Color LED Rope LightGreen LED Rope LightBlue PVC LED Rope LightOrange PVC LED Rope Light
Red PVC LED Rope LightWhite LED Rope LightPurple PVC LED Rope Light

Different parts of a standard set of UL LED rope light

Each UL listed spool includes:
1. Custom length LED rope light
2. Pre-connected (removable) 1.5M power cord (the length could customized)
3. Removable end cap
4. Mounting clips and screws

UL label including:
1. Lamp replacement markings
2. Model number
3. Manufacturer's file number
4. Product’s electrical parameters

We also provide the UL listed Christmas rope light kit.