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Brand New LED Flex Neons

LED flexible neon rope strip light is a development design from the traditional neon light, this improved neon rope light incorporated light emitting diode LED technology into a flexible and durable quality that has the appearance and brightness of traditional neon. It is also a breakthrough in flexible lighting design. With their unique construction, these flexible lights are able to be widely used with better performance, lower cost, and easier maintenance.

All the prducts are perfect for commercial and home use in a wide variety of creative applications. Ideal for lighting solution, any architectural, decorative and indicator application. We are offering different series of neon lights for your decoration need.

DIP (F5) LED neon rope light: This is the most traditional and earliest design of LED neon rope light, made by DIP LED bulb and pearl white PVC soft tubing, high flexibility, easily DIY many ideal shapes. Designed for 2-wire and 4-wire, 2-wire is single color features steady burn and low consumption, 4-wire is the true RGB color changing effect. Choose from eight unique colors or color changing RGB which can be used with a multi-function controller. It is the perfect choice for commercial use.

SMD LED neon rope light: SMD LED strip light is widely used in much different decoration with their cost-effective and good luminous effect. Now it is used in LED neon rope light production. A combination of emerging molding technology, unique unbreakable PVC solid core extruded light body along with LED strip gives LED neon lights the ability to mimic the uniformity and brightness of light produced by traditional glass neon at a fraction of the price.

Round shape LED strip neon rope light: We developed the new round shape LED neon rope light comes with SMD2835 LED chip, it is a surprise creation. More widely usages with special shape and high brightness.

Double-sided LED strip neon rope light: It is such a special one of the LED neon rope light because of the unique emitting angle. The light emitting from both two side, not from the top or bottom, it is an excellent choice for the motif light design from our customers' feedback.

All of our rope lights are guaranteed to be the highest quality. Options for different size and colors, try our extremely flexible, inexpensive and custom cuttable LED neon rope light for your decoration.


LED neon rope light adopts first-class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC material, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can withstand extreme temperatures. Now we are offering milky white PVC and colored PVC jacket.

How to choose the milky white PVC and colored PVC jacket?

The white PVC base layer can increase luminosity, continuous and uniform illumination, no LED dot or dark spot.

Colored PVC: Double PVC layers on the outer PVC jacket enhance the optical effect and produce greater light efficiency, while superior color stability and high lumen depreciation decrease maintenance. All these factors significantly decrease chromatic aberrations. It is perfect for LED neon sign.

Create incredible displays with a variety of LED neon flexible professional colors. Choose from blue, green, pink, orange, red, warm white, white, and yellow.