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                                 Globe LED string light

 The Christmas series Globe LED string lights are special and customized, they are such differences from the normal globe LED string light, they are exactly suited for your   Christmas decoration. You will find them is meet your any decoration needs in festival,   holiday or party, no matter the colors choice or patented shell. But I think they are the   best choice for Christmas tree decor, globe LED string light is UL listed have stackable   plugs and end to end connections so you can connect multiple strings to cover large   areas f the Christmas tree. Removable bulbs are easily replaced, resulting in convenient hassle-free installation and maintenance. Even with broken or removed bulbs, remaining   bulbs will continue to light up.

 There are G15, G20, G25, G40 and lovely strawberry LED string light in our product list.   They are of different sizes to meet different decoration needs. Small size of G15, G20   and G25 are popular for use indoor or pathway, window, patio, fence, garden, porch,   clubhouse, pool, bushes, yard etc.

 G40 is widely used outdoor, professional planners request this outdoor lighting for   anniversaries, weddings, holiday celebrations, and many other occasions.

 Strawberry globe LED string light is vivid and iridescent, these sweet Strawberry   string lights add a fruity feel to your space spreading feel-good summer vibes and a   gentle glow. Decorate your dining room, Kid's bedroom, summer party, and dinner   layout.


How to choose the globe LED string light for your decoration?


Here we are going to introduce our three type of bulb shell of the globe LED string light: diamond cut, smooth and strawberry shape.

Diamond cut - As we know, the Diamond cut is famous words in the diamond industry, Because A Diamond's Cut Unleashes Its Light. But in our Christmas light, you also can find the diamond cut design in our bulb shell, it is the amazing design of transmitting light and sparkle so intensely.

Smooth - Smooth bulb shell design is gentle and mellow. All of the bulb material is glass, we provide the smooth opaque bulb finishes and smooth traditional clear bulb finishes for choose.

Strawberry - Strawberry LED string light simulates the fruit strawberry to design the bulb shell, it is special and lively. White, warm white and red color for different decoration need.

Globe LED string lights offer you a selection of outdoor patio string light products and ideas to create stunning illumination of you patio, garden, restaurant or your next party.

Special type incandescent string lights coming soon.



All of our Globe LED string light can be concatenation within the safety UL limited wattage, we provide the standard length and custom length.They are safety for outdoor use.

The string light is the end to end connectable design, easy to use and safety, 100% UL listed material and structure, the in plug comes with pure copper brass pin and two fuses, preventing damage due to a short circuit or any other dramatic increase in current. The fuse can be found near the male end of the wire.

The whole sets including zip sockets and zip plugs, are the building blocks you can fit together to create an incredible custom Christmas light display.

Please contact us to get exactly the length you need.

As the LED globe string lights factory, we also provide string light hangers and string light clips, they are universal. They fit for different size globe LED string light and different place installation needs.

The mounting clip is easy to use and safety for installation, PVC is flexible for insert the different size of the bulbs.

Holds wires for LED, C5, C6, C7, C9, icicle lights.
• White plastic light clip ideal for hanging on slates, tiles, flat and barrel style tile roofs.
Hang lights on both gutters and shingles.
Easy install-- slide clip onto shingle or gutter, then string light into place.

More details or installation guide, please contact our professional project team.