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 C7/C9 LED Christmas string light is one of the popular Christmas decoration light. We provide built to last and commercial grade C7/C9 Christmas string lights and bulbs, all of them are LED,   they are similar in size and shape to traditional C7/C9 lights with all the advantages of LED lighting. You can find a huge selection of different size: C3, C5, C6, C7, C9 and a   variety of colors for indoor or outdoor installations needs. Most of our customers like to use C9 LED string light outdoor.

 C7 and C9 LED Christmas light bulb and string light are well known to the holiday decoration, they are widely used in wrapping columns, railings, and small bushes or outlining windows and door  frames or outdoor events and everyday backyard patio lighting. Easy to create an abundance of holiday cheer. 

 Here we would like to share with you our mini C3 and C5 LED string lights, they are min and lovely. It is a fantastic idea to beautifully illuminate indoor Christmas trees or outdoor   greenery with LED C3 mini string lights. These Christmas lights combine a classic incandescent glow with the energy-saving advantages of LED lights. The max standard-sized   bulbs are 70CT and over 18-feet of illumination, these warm white lights will keep your heart and home glowing all season long.

 Decorate your home this holiday season with our chic decorating ideas and inspiration.

Pearl Paint LED Christmas String LightsIridescent LED Christmas String LightsFaceted LED Christmas String Lights

Ceramic Paint LED Christmas String Light

 Now more and more people find the intensity and purity of the colors in LED strings simply more enjoyable than incandescent lights. With the development of the production   technology, the bulb shell finished technology advance quickly, we have so many more options than before and you can create your own holiday palette according to your   decoration needs.

 Pearl paint: Add depth to the base color, the pearl paint is semi-transparent, iridescent powders, at certain angles, it gives off that soft pearlescent glow.

 Iridescent: As the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes, these gorgeous string lights have faceted bulbs with a rainbow crystal-like texture that sparkles and glistens.

 Faceted clear: The faceted bulbs and string lights are the most popular Christmas decoration lights, because the faceted bulbs are the most traditional, represent the most   traditional shape for LED bulbs and seem to “disperse” the light out. As a result, even though they have the same number of LEDs per base they can appear slightly brighter than   the smooth bulbs.

 Ceramic paint: Vintage style ceramic Christmas light bulbs have the traditional coloring that looks like the bulbs have been dipped in latex paint. Add warmth and cheer to your   home this holiday season with festive decorations and Christmas decoration string lights.

 Transparent paint: Create a transparent gloss effect on the bulb shell, similar to the traditional candlelight, but it is the LED light for an energy efficient alternative to traditional   Christmas lights.

 Bring out the best in your Christmas holiday decor and make the season sparkle once you understand how to choose the lights.


                  C7 & C9 LIGHT STRINGS & SPOOLS

 The holidays are meant to be a time to enjoy precious moments spent with   family and friends. In order to find out the easy installation way. Here you can   find the perfect light string for your project with options in wire length and color,   insulation, bulb spacing. Wires can also be spliced to create custom lengths   allowing for added convenience when working with very specific   measurements. We provide the E14 & 17 light strings and spools can be cut to   create completely custom lengths for virtually any size space. Contact us for   your customized party.

C9 Faceted LED Christmas BulbsLight stringers