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                     Battery operated LED rope light

Battery operated is a new power supply design in our decoration products, so we call the battery operated LED rope light as creative rope light. The whole sets of light including 16.4ft (or 33ft) mini LED rope light and a battery case.

The tubing of the mini rope light is durable and flexible, it is covered by clear PVC tubing to protect the pure copper wire, tiny with diameter 6mm. The battery case is built to last using a weatherproof. Perfect for the indoor and outdoor use.

Battery powered with portability and reliability. The rope light is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), so it is portable and can be mounted anywhere for ambiance decoration and atmosphere creating and won’t fail easily with continuous lighting.

The battery case has a timer feature for 6 hours on and 18 hours off. Includes 2 operation modes, steady on and twinkle.

When to change batteries:
You need to change batteries when you see some color starting to fade or disappear. “Steady on” should be last longer lighting mode than on mode "Twinkle ".
Try them, create a unique display around your home or patio with our battery operated LED rope light at home. 



These battery powered rope lights are a perfect choice if you are planning to decorate your backyard, patio or garden plants for upcoming night gathering. We provide two customized lengths, 16.4ft (5M/50LEDs) and 33ft (10M/100LEDs). It is very thin, we also call it thin LED rope light.

Battery operated feature gives you the ability to use it wherever you want! Ideal for decorating where power is not available.

16.4FT: Wrapping them around your palm tree; outline your patio and deck; illuminate your pathways; light up your stairs at night with a soft glow; brightens up your dark cabinets and bookcases;

33FT: Outlining buildings, doorways, wrap railings or columns.

While camping, it's also a good idea to have battery operated LED rope light lights on-hand in case of a power outage or emergency. It is a beautiful decoration light for your camping. Please try this convenient and safety camping LED rope light.